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Pick a Picture, Print it, Frame it...

As you can see, I do like a good alliteration...

I've been wondering if I should be more 'niche' or more 'specialised' because when you say you're a Photographer everyone firstly assumes you're a landscape photographer which is the one thing I most definitely am not and then wants to know what your 'thing' is when they find that you're not a landscape photographer... sigh....

As far as being in any kind of 'niche' or specialist area I would have to say that it would be specialist areas and so more than one specialism. I'm not one to pigeon hole myself I photograph what I deem to be photographic in the best way possible.

I love people watching though.., from their facial expressions and mannerisms, to the way they interact with other people with that in mind I think that's why I particularly enjoy portraiture but I do like to get my take on that person and show them in a way they might not be familiar with, capturing a look they try and hide or a melancholy mood, your can't beat candid photography.

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