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Karen Cross Photography

From British Architecture to formal Portraits, Karen enjoys capturing exactly what's in front of her. Karen's not one fro excessive use of filters or image manipulation. That said she enjoys creating Art from her photography.

As an extension of her Photography Karen has created a new brand, Barmy Brummie as an homage to her childhood and home city.

Feel free to have a look at this website and the Barmy Brummie website.

Photography of Birmingham and beyond

Looking at Birmingham, London and Liverpool through the lens.

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I'm all about Photography, Art, Colour, Design and anything else I think will look good, I've gone a bit mad with the colour on my digital art but I like it and I'm sure some of you will too. 

The Wrap and Go baby coat has been around for sixteen years but has had a long overdue overhaul and is better than ever with some key developments.