Karen Cross

Art - Photography - Wrap and Go - Barmy Brummie

Barmy Brummie Designs

Inspired by Karen's childhood and the architecture she noticed in the City while growing up.

Karen transformed her photography of Birmingham into digital Pop Art coupled with typical Brummie sayings Karen has captured the essence of Birminghams' fun atmosphere and memories of her childhood.

Photography of Birmingham and beyond

Looking at Birmingham, London and Liverpool through the lens.

Browse, Buy or or just have a peek out of curiosity either way, enjoy!

Barmy Brummie Designs

Bright, Bold and Beautiful Birmingham in a rainbow feast of colour.

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Karen Cross Art and Design

I'm all about Photography, Art, Colour, Design and anything else I think will look good, I've gone a bit mad with the colour on my digital art but I like it and I'm sure some of you will too. 

The Wrap and Go baby coat has been around for sixteen years but has had a long overdue overhaul and is better than ever with some key developments.

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